Real-Time Operating Systems and Systems Programming

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Real-Time Operating Systems and Systems Programming
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Course code: iti8510
Lecturer: Jaagup Irve
Contact:, 56463800, room ITC-425
Previous courses: 2012 2014 2015 2016


  • 25th January is an exam day. Please send an e-mail if you cannot register in OIS due to having an "open" grade for an exam.

Points and Grades

The exams have all been graded, most of you did really well this year!

Huffman lab

  • The deadline for the Huffman lab is November 10, 2017.

Course information


Things may change a bit as we go

  1. Introduction PDF
  2. IO, Hardware interrupts PDF
  3. Stack, longjmp PDF
  4. Heap, 2d arrays PDF
  5. Software interrupts (signals) PDF
  6. Threads, Mutexes PDF
  7. Scheduling, Process, Demon, Zombie PDF
  8. Standard IO, file management, directory management etc PDF
  9. Programming an Operating System PDF
  10. Optimizing PDF
  11. Networking PDF ;
  12. C language constructions PDF; Mmap() Compilation and utilities PDF
  13. Security PDF
  14. RTOS: On Real Time Systems PDF
  15. Conclusion and Summary PDF

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