Itv0030 2006

Allikas: Lambda

Course code: ITV0030
Link:õrgutehnoloogia_baasil or
Lecturer: Tanel Tammet
Contact:, 6203457, TTÜ AK223

NB! This is an archive copy from 2006: this page is NOT used for 2007 or later years


The kasutajaliidesed results 2006 are available. The points awarded have been converted to the scale 0-33 for each of three tasks (two labs and a test).

In case you have a question mark (?) in some column, please contact T.Tammet latest at Friday, 2. June.

Written test and lab presentations


  • 15. may at 14.00 in room VI-122

Times for the test:

  • 22. may (Monday) at 10.00 in room VI-122
  • 29. may (Monday) at 10.00 in room VI-122

Since the deadline for the second lab is shifted to 15 May, it will be possible to show the second lab in AK computer rooms on the following days:

  • Tuesday, 2 May at 12.00-13.30
  • Monday, 9 May at 12.00-13.30
  • Monday, 15 May at 12.00-14.00 (before consultation)
  • Tuesday, 16 May at 12.00-13.30
  • Thursday, 18 May at 10.00-11.30

Time, place, result

Semester: spring
Grading: two labs plus one test (end of semester)
Credit points: 2.5

Lectures and seminars: every Monday at 14.00-15.30, room VI-229. Lecture, seminar, lecture, seminar, etc.
Lab: odd weeks a 2*45 minutes, AK computer classes IT-213a:

  • Mondays at 17.30-19.00
  • Tuesdays at 12.00-13.30

FYI: odd weeks start at: 23 January, 6. February, 20. February, ...


The goal of the course is studying/practicing ideas, methods and technology for building UI-s for web-based apps. We will focus on applications handling data, not marketing/information pages. Creating the actual app, database schema, security and authentication solutions etc etc are not in the scope of the course.

The three themes of the course (with roughly equal importance) are:

  • Nontechnical aspects of the UI design: usability, etc
  • Browser technologies: html, css, javascript
  • Server technologies: xml, xslt

We assume familiarity with html and basic server-side functionality: i.e. competence to create simple web apps.


There will be two labs with the kasutajaliidesed lectures 2005 common theme:

Labwork may be done alone or in pairs. Groups of three, etc are not allowed. Each lab will be graded, and the grade will be worth 1/3 of the final grade. In order to succeed at the course, both labs plus the final test must be presented/passed. Lab presentations after the deadline will be worth 1/2 of the grade it would receive otherwise. All lab results must be presented on site during regular lab hours, both authors must be present. Email submissions are not accepted.


1. Introductory lecture
23. January. Introduction to the course, first half of the core XML lecture
Materials to read:

2. Labwork seminar
30. January. Selection/introduction of labwork. Some UI aspects.
3. Second lecture
6. February. Starting CSS.
4. Seminar
13. February. Basic UI components and choices. Examples from apps.
some examples: design, silverorange intranet, ttu intranet, cms live demos: a lot!
5. Third lecture
20. February. CSS and Javascript
some examples: splitting a form into tabs, examples from listamatic, autofill example
6. Seminar
27. February. We'll investigate sites and demos using CSS and Javascript.
some examples taken from here: a large number of cool categorized pure css demos with explanations
we'll also check out the Yahoo UI library
7. Fourth lecture
6. March. Starting with XSL.
See the materials of the first XSL lecture from
8. Seminar
13. March. Various issues, XSL.
9. Lecture
20. March. XSL.
10. Lecture
27. March. XSL. Second lab.
See kasutajaliidesed lectures lab 2 requirements
11. Seminar
3. March. Second lab example with a standalone Java server.
See the example at the end of kasutajaliidesed lectures lab 2 requirements
12. Lecture. XmlHttpRequest (Ajax etc)
See the example code here: kasutajaliidesed lectures lab 2 ajax example 1

Obligatory reading on UI design principles

Useful reading

Browser UI design principles

Core browser tech (html,css,javascript)

Tips, tricks and cool stuff