Secure software design

Allikas: Lambda

MTAT.03.246 Secure software design

MTAT.03.247 Secure software design: Project work

Lectures: Fridays 16:15, J. Liivi 2 - 404

Contact: margus at

Lecture slides


Requirements for the project

Due dates

  • May 27th -- project presentation (10-15 minutes)
  • June 20th -- written report


The exam is a written exam. Use of written materials is allowed. The exam questions are based on lectures and mandatory reading material. The exam tries to measure knowledge about main principles/technologies/classes of attack and ability to apply these principles for specific examples.

Exam dates:

  • May 30th 10:00, J. Liivi 2, room 122
  • June 10th 10:00, J. Liivi 2, room 206

Mandatory (examinable) reading

Recommended reading