Details of the KR second lab in 2021

Allikas: Lambda

The task in the second lab is to use logic reasoners for question answering (pure symbolic ai):

  • present a selected large subset of your geodata int the reasoner usable form.
  • write rules for deriving new knowledge (facts) from the database. Write at least 30 rules.
  • write a number of interesting nontrivial queries (at least five different) and demonstrate how the reasoner solves them.

During the defence of the lab you will have to make a presentation of all these three parts and demonstrate how the reasoner can answer a number of questions.

Bear in mind that in the third lab we will add two new parts:

  • a small natural language understanding component to automatically generate (a) some additional facts (b) the queries like the ones you manually write in this lab.
  • uncertain facts and rules with the approximate confidence

In the second lab we will use a standard logic gkc reasoner (description in the GKC paper at page 538 but you do not need to read it). For specific examples about geography please look at

Please first:

  • Try out the web version of the gkc reasoner from
  • Download and use the command line version from the latest gkc release and read the tutorial-style README in gkc/Examples explaining the use of the command line version.

In the third lab we will additionally use a special commonsense-reasoning-with-confidences branch confer of gkc. We will not use it for the second lab.