Details of the KR second lab in 2020

Allikas: Lambda

The task in the second lab is to use logic reasoners for question answering (pure symbolic ai):

  • present a selected large subset of your geodata int the reasoner usable form.
  • write rules for deriving new knowledge (facts) from the database. Write at least 30 rules.
  • write a number of interesting nontrivial queries (at least five different) and demonstrate how the reasoner solves them.

During the defence of the lab you will have to make a presentation of all these three parts and demonstrate how the reasoner can answer a number of questions.

Bear in mind that in the third lab we will add a small natural language understanding component to automatically generate (a) some additional facts (b) the queries like the ones you manually write in this lab.

We use a standard logic gkc reasoner (description in the GKC paper at page 538 for examples:

Make sure to get the latest release of gkc from gkc releases (currently v0.4.1-casc) and either download a binary or compile using instructions on the gkc github page. The basic instructions are also on the gkc github page. Also, see the few examples in the Examples folder.

We will have a look at the special commonsense reasoning branch gk of gkc during the course, but will not use it for the second lab.