Algoritmide ja andmestruktuuride erikursus

Allikas: Lambda
Course name: Advanced Algorithms and Data Structures in Automated Reasoning

Course code: ITI8590
Semester: fall 2019
Lecturer: Tanel Tammet
Contact:, 6203457, ICT 426
Language: The default language of the course is English, but if all students understand Estonian, it will be in Estonian.
Lectures per week: 1 lecture, 2 academic hours
Practice work per week: 1 session, 2 academic hours
Home work: additionally, mostly development and experimentation

Time and place

Course starts at 16. September

Lectures: every Monday at 10:00-11:45 at ICT403

Practice sessions: Mondays at 14:00, but this may be changed during the first lectures in case students prefer some other suitable time.

Learning outcomes

In Estonian:

  • teab mitmete erialgoritmide tööpõhimõtteid
  • on suuteline rakendama neid algoritme erinevate ülesannete lahendamiseks
  • teab mitmete andmestruktuuride tööpõhimõtteid ja on suuteline neid rakendama
  • suudab analüüsida järjestikuste ja rekursiivsete algoritmide keerukust

Brief description of the course

The course focuses on the internals of the methods of automated reasoning:

  • Introductory part:
  • Solving propositonal formulae
  • SMT methods
  • The main bulk of the course: algorithms and data structures used for full first order (FOL) reasoners.
  • The latter part will be extended to algorithms and data structures for extending standard FOL reasoners to the tasks of commonsense reasoning.

Course materials

Will be given during the course. Materials are either presentations for specific methods or scientific papers covering such methods.

An introductory material to field is the set of course notes from Geoff Sutcliffe

Practice work

Will contain all of these:

  • Writing problem converters
  • Writing small, toy prover components
  • Experimenting with automated reasoning systems on specific problem sets