Add and use numeric confidences in rules

Allikas: Lambda

Here are just the initial instructions: further details will be added before the explanatory lecture at 8. April.

Your task is to use numeric confidences in rules and ask questions so that the confidences are sensibly used.

To do this, you need to:

  • Augment some of your existing (uncertain) rules/facts with numeric confidences,
  • Add some new sensible uncertain rules/facts with numeric confidences,
  • Ask questions which use these confidence-enhanced rules/facts in a sensible way.
  • Give a presentation with the example queries, results and explanations of the rules/facts.

How to give confidences and how to get answers? We will use the early version of the confer reasoner of the lecturer. Please

Currently only a Linux version of the confer reasoner is available. A windows version of confer will be added soon. A mac version is unlikely to appear in April.

Additionally, it is highly beneficial to work through the Problog tutorial: a somewhat similar system.